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Welcome aboard to Marine Bugler John Patterson's web page!

A "Live" Bugler today is hard to find. The military, all branches included, have cut back on musicians and marching bands on many of the bases around the country which has lead to a shortage of buglers available to pay the "Final Respects" to deceased Veteran''s who are passing away at a rate of approximately 1500 per day across the nation. The Federal Government, in only the last few years, past regulations that require at least two military people, from the same branch of service as the deceased if possible, be present at a Veteran''s funeral to fold the flag. This regulation does not call for a bugler to be present to play TAPS. Instead, a CD player is usually brought along to play TAPS at the appropriate moment. On occasion, especially in inclement weather, the electronic representation has been known to fail. A new device has recently been invented to substitute for the CD which makes a better presentation than the CD player. It is a recording device that looks like a trumpet mute that is inserted into the bugle by a representative of the military, who presses a button on the mute just seconds before TAPS is ready to be played and and excellent version is simulated. However, should this device fail to operate, an embarrassing moment can occur. This device is rather expensive and many of the Veteran''s organizations like the VFW, American Legion and Marine Corps League don''t always have the funds to purchase this device.

A real live bugler is the answer and this web site has been set up to provide one for Veteran''s Funerals, Memorial Services and Patriotic Ceremonies.

All Veteran''s who have served honorably are entitled to a military funeral. It is up to the family to advise the funeral director of their intentions and it is the funeral directors responsibility to make the arrangements, including obtaining the flag and notifying the correct branch of the service to send a detail.

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